2014 Sony 4K Television Prices Leaked for XBR-49X850B, 55X850B, 65X850B, and 70X850B (Good)

4K Sony XBR 70X850B

During CES 2014, Sony made it clear that 4K is part of the company’s path towards profitability and growth with consumers. To help achieve this, Sony has already revealed a 4K consumer camcorder, priced at $2,000, making it a world first. The company’s latest flagship Android smartphone, the Xperia Z2, also includes 4K video capturing, pushing the boundaries and availability of 4K. To help further gain consumer adoption of 4K technology, Sony is releasing three new lines of 4K televisions in 2014.

Part of what I refer to as the companies “good” fleet of 4K televisions, the XBR-X850B series comes in a 49-, 55-, 65-, and 70-inch.. While lacking some of the fancier feature of the XBR-X900B series, the X850 fleet offers native 4K Triluminos display with Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro engine. To help drive costs further down, the X850B series lacks the Magnetic Fluid speakers of the X900B, opting for basic speakers. Now let’s talk pricing.

Pricing for the X850B series ranges from:

  • 49 Sony XBR-49X850B – $2199.99
  • 55 Sony XBR-55X850B – $2999.99
  • 65 Sony XBR-65X850B – $4499.99
  • 70 Sony XBR-70X850B – $5999.99

A highlight of features for the XBR-X850B series include:

  • 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • 3D
  • Triluminos
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • Quick start (2 seconds start-up)
  • Motionflow 240 / 200
  • HDMI 2.0
  • HEVC
  • Sony Entertainment Network with TV apps
  • Wi-Fi
  • One-flick remote

Sony has announced a spring availability for their 2014 4K XBR fleet, including the X850 series.


Is Sony’s entry pricing enticing you to jump into 4K?

  • Joemin97

    No I am sticking with my 1080P Sony XBR. Unless I upgrade to larger size I may have to go to Sony’s regular line. Like last years 70″ LCD.

  • Curious as what’s holding you back from the 4K bandwagon. Is it price or something else?

  • Kamille

    this 4k thing will be the next big flop just like it happened with 3D. =/

  • Keneda

    4k is going to replace 1080p no matter what in the future and doesn’t require the complicated technology of 3d. it’s just a boost in resolution…. which will be a seamless transition as it’s a lot easier to make 4k content compared with 3d, and will be very affordable in 2-3 years time. also 4k resolution is great for pc desktop estate, so not a total flop as you say.

  • I think the big reason consumers didn’t adopt 3D is due to extra equipment required. If 3D was able to be produced on the television with no glasses required, I think more consumers would have supported the format. 4K really is no different than when we went from SD to HD. Now we’re doing HD to 4K. It will be a fairly natural transition as the tech gets cheaper, 4K will eventually just become the new standard.

  • Agreed with this.

  • Bob

    $2200 for a 49″ tv that is not near the top of the line doesn’t sound very good in todays world. Just my opinion.

  • Marooned_on_Earth

    The primary point of these X850B 4K TV’s for our family is finally to be able to watch passive 3D in 1080p at home without the dumbo ears of last year’s X900A, which otherwise looked incredible for this purpose and was widely considered the best home 3D on the market. For all those screaming about lack of 4K content, which is mostly but not entirely true (Sony 4K server, YouTube 4K), they easily seem to dismiss people who really, really, *really* want the 1080p passive 3D home experience. We may even pre-order the 65X850B the wait has been so long. Hopefully this will be the home 3D game changer we’ve been waiting for over the past several years since Blu-ray 3D arrived on the market.

  • I think it’s worth noting though that these by no means are “entry’ televisions. $2,200 might be expensive for a HD television but for a 4K set, I don’t think it’s too bad. Sure it’s not cheap but 4K isn’t going to be cheap for a while.

  • That’s a very interesting take. Do you still see a viable market for 3D at home?

  • joemin97

    Well I purchased Sony First 60inch 3d XBR when it came out. XBR-60LX900 Incredible Picture. I own what 500 or so BluRays Now, Unless I see a SUPER HD BLuRay Player and movies to go with I will jump but You cannot tell a difference between 4k and 1080 on set smaller than 80inches. Granted you can sit closer to the set if you like but that doesn’t work out for Surround sound setups. Heck I did that with my 1080p set I sat a little closer. I have been looking at the new 70″ 850 series now for what $2249 was the price I recently seen or maybe I might upgrade to the XBR series from a few years back the 950 which has rear led backlighting. I have seen them brand new for $3000.00, marked down from the $5500, granted it is only a step up to 65″ compared to what I have now. But if the picture is that much better than the Dynamic Edge Lit TV I have then so be it. I guess I am thinking alot about price now in this economy. I can really swing $2250 but not $5000 like a few years ago. I suppose I could save up but until I see more content I don’t see it happening until Sony get the 60inch 4k Sets down to what a 60inch 1080p set is now which is $1799.99. I don’t like Streaming and I have Really Fast Internet. I want to own a disc a case, I do Like Vudu but that is free with the purchase of bluray movies. IMHO

  • You bring up some great points there Joemin. From my personal experience at CES, 4K looked like 1080p HD when you were around it because it looked so gorgeous till you actually walked by 1080p and saw the difference. What I mean by that is that a lot of companies had a lot of their 4K sets next to other 4K sets and were either showing off native 4K video or showing the upcoversion quality that 4K can bring from 1080p source material. However, once you looked away and then looked at just a 1080p set, there was a clear day and night difference. Now I say this this from the perspective of just Sony’s televisions.

  • joemin97

    I really Think Content is the Key if they can bring SHD BluRay Out. Then Maybe it will catch on but for most people they are porbably looking at UHD like they did to 3D TV’s its nice but they just picked up a nice 1080P set why upgrade unless there is content. Sony is they only manufacturer with the 4K Streamer Box they others don’t have anything like it where you can rent a Movie or Buy a Movie All in the cloud. I want Physical Media so I will see. If it drops to a reasonable price which I think it is there maybe another $500 off would be better. But I think All the TV Manufactures are trying to find they next big hit to raise their TV Profits Like HDTVS did. I think most people are happy with their TV’s and are either only upgrading to larger sets or replacing broken sets. I myself actually was interested in a Sony Projector but to me it is to much Trouble. Now Sony showed a Short Throw 4K Projector that can go as large as 300″ this was awesome but at what $35,000 not in my price range unless I win the Lotto. I think they need to come up with a Reasonably priced 1080P Short throw projector that can give us a whole wall of Video and when the Price Drops on 4K then we can pick up a 4K Short Throw Projector. They could introduce Laser Light Projector and LED lit Projector, to remove the cost of replacement bulbs. I still have my 60XBR1 and the Lamp was the only high cost of the TV. Every so many hours of use buy a new Lamp. I think Sony’s main competition is Vizio and the like and they need to compete. I just saw Vizios prices on their P series 4K sets and their MSRP is lower than Sony’s now would I buy one, probably not I have seen Vizios and they do not come close to Sony’s Picture Quality yet they are close but not quite yet. But My Sister and others in my Family purchased one and they said it is good enough for them basically. I would surely pay $200 to $400 premium for the Sony Name over any Vizio.

  • Marooned_on_Earth

    Absolutely. 3D blu-rays continue to be released (sadly less so recently by Disney), and we have bought many of them, plus there is decent quality 3D streaming on VUDU and Netflix. BTW, the 850B had terrible ghosting, so we got two of the 65″ 900A and just covered the silly reflective speakers with strips of felt. The home 3D experience on this TV meets or exceeds that of the theater. We are thrilled beyond words!!!