Sony Pictures Reveals Their 4K HDR Films, Includes ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′


Sony Pictures and Sony Electronics have been quietly setting the stages for a future of 4K HDR content. In just the past week, Sony Pictures announced a partnership with Dolby Vision which would help the Hollywood studio master 4K HDR movies for release as physical media and digital download. Following that announcement, Sony Electronics revealed to our delight an expanded firmware update that would bring HDR compatibility to a far larger number of televisions than previously revealed.

Now we’ve learned some of the first titles that will be getting the 4K HDR treatment from the Sony Picture catalogue which can be found after the jump.

Sony Pictures will be releasing the following films in 4K HDR

  • The Amazing Spider Man 2
  • Men in Black 3
  • After Earth
  • Fury

As you’d expect, all four film are action packed which tend to make the best use of new technology in a showcase like environment. There is no word yet on specific pricing, nor the release format. Sony did have this to say

 Starting this fall and for a limited time, customers who purchase a compatible Sony 4K Ultra HD TV will receive up to $100 of HDR content  

which includes the titles mentioned above.


Do you think 4K HDR is the holy grail of movies at home?

[Via Sony]

  • Darren Pillans

    The holy grail of movies at home is called OLED.

  • Seth Mamane

    comparing the oled vs the FALD Sony x940c at best buy. They oled may be the old guard holy grail but the FALD (Full Aray Local Dimming) Sony is the Holy $#%@! Blacks were just as black but also the fald spectacular lighting had pop, boom, explosion of color that the oled just cant match

  • Max

    Truly shit movies there. Hopefully we get a better selection sooner rather than later.

  • 2 things. First, I don’t think OLED is coming any time soon. From Sony to Panasonic, they’ve been trying to bring it to market for nearly 5 years now and nobody is anywhere close to doing it. Second, you can still have an 4K HDR OLED TV 😉

  • I would agree. I think OLED is extraordinary but for the cost, most consumers would walk away with one of these new 4K FALD sets and be more than happy.

  • aaaww bummer man. Rather like all the movies on there!

  • Darren Pillans
  • Oh sure but look at the price. Sony had also developed a 55- and 65-inch units but again, due to cost, they never brought them to market. From a consumer perspective, that 65-inch Panasonic is $11,000 where the 65-inch X930C Sony is $3,800.