Gran Turismo Sport Will Be Able to Output Photos in 4K


Ironically, Sony didn’t release any 4K photos from the game, opting to instead deliver photos that barely pass for 720p

I’m not saying there is going to be a PS4 4K announced this year but I’m also not saying California is experiencing a drought – and you know what? It is. At a press event in London, series creator Kazunori Yamaguchi took to stage to announce a plethora of new information in regards to the PS4 exclusive. The curious of all the features? The ability to output photos in 4K.

It’s worth putting into context that even PS3 could output photos in 4K as well, via the PlayMemories Studio 2.0 app – meaning that this by no means is an indication of an upgraded console coming. However, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Additional info on Gran Turismo Sport includes:

  • Cars will be divided in four categories.
  • All car models are rebuilt from scratch and have interior views.
  • There will be dirt tracks.
  • The game will include 117 events in offline campaign mode.
  • The game will include a livery editor.
  • There will be a Beginner’s School frature.
  • The museum feature has been redesigned for GT SPort.
  • The main mode is the Sport Mode online.
  • Sport mode will have divisions separated by classes.
  • There will be both national cups and manufacturers cups.
  • The game will include a schedule with events.
  • The game will include new social features.
  • Players will receive a personalized digital FIA license.
  • There will be a companion app.
  • Photo model will evolves into photo scapes and there will be a lot of them.
  • There’s no limit to the number of cars included in a photo.

Gran Turismo Sport is set to arrive in North America, and Asia (including Japan) on November 15th. Those in Europe will have to wait till Nov. 16th, while UK won’t be getting GT Sport till Nov. 18th. Unfortunately in order for the game to meet its deadline, a public beta has been cancelled which I’ve argued is a bad idea.


Any of the above features have you excited?

[Via Dualshockers]