Sony Prepares to Fight Back Against Red Lawsuit

Sony F65 - Red Lawsuit

Nearly a month ago, we reported on how Red Digital, the makers of the popular RED cameras, were suing Sony. The company believes that the Sony F65, F55, and F5 all infringe upon patents held by Red and not only must Sony pay financial penalties, but also destroy all existing cameras. Even then, we noted that the extreme quality of the suit and wording from Red points to the mindset that when you can’t beat them, sue them. This is especially true as Sony has singlehandedly beat Red with the 4K NEX-FS700 which is priced well below what Red has to offer while packing more features. Now, Sony has responded to the suit, stating that:

 Sony has now had an opportunity to study Red’s complaint and the asserted patents, and categorically denies Red’s allegations. Sony intends to defend itself vigorously in the Red lawsuit. Sony looks forward to prevailing in court, thus vindicating the Sony engineers who developed Sony’s quality digital cinema cameras. 

With such cases, it could be a long time before we hear any substantial rulings. There is also the off chance that both companies decide to settle outside of the court system.


Do you believe the Red lawsuit is purely a ploy to keep competitors out as it falls behind, or do you think there is merit to their case?

  • “Sony looks forward to prevailing in court…”

    They must be very confident.

  • Yea, hopefully this isn’t just grandstanding and that they have something up their sleeves.