Xperia M Update Available: 4.1 Version 15.1.C.2.8 (updated)

Xperia_M_2 Resized Good news Xperia M owners – there’s a new update. It is still Jellybean but there could be some new features and bug fixes nonetheless. This moves up from the previous version 15.1.C.1.17. Users are reporting changes to the launcher, camera, menu bar at the top of the screen and more. Read on to find out more about this update…Sony’s Xperia M software update page shows an update released on 13th of November. You will need to use PC Companion (PCC) to update which you can find on Sony’s site for Windows here and Mac here.

Update Feb 2014Sony Xperia M Update 15.4.A.1.9 Coming Globally in June.


Xperia M Dual users – check out JellyBean update to 15.2.A.2.5 here.

Xperia M Update 1 Sony has not provided a change log with details of the changes in this update, so if you update your phone, do let us know anything you see, plus your location if you can. Besides bug fixes, perhaps there could be a new feature or two. The media apps tend to get updated in these smaller version changes. The Xperia M update available now from 15.1.C.1.17 to 15.1.C.2.8 isn’t a major update but hopefully we’ll find some use in it.

Thanks to various users at XDA for reporting these changes:

  • Now there is a grey status bar as normal, changing to black in menus
  • Improved rear camera performance
  • A new transition effect when awaking the screen
  • A Play Games app for multiplayer gaming
  • A volume in-call bug related to audio loss has been fixed

We’ll keep you up to date with Sony’s KitKat announcements here.


Have you updated yet? Did you find anything new? Anything fixed?

  • Himanshu Darara

    HI yes i have done the updade after update now there is grey status bar play games app has also included rear camera is better now “NO NEW TRANSTION EFFECT” when awaiking the screen and thats all!

  • Amit

    is there any problem in the phone like heating up of camera post ur new firmware update??

  • Javed

    Nope, it’s working fine – all good

  • Manikandan Mohan

    Hi friends i have updated the new firmware in my Xperia m Single sim and i have not seen any surprising changes i have seen the status bar and touch keys are transparent now and which makes the screen looks little bit bigger thats all the changes and rear camera have been improved little bit.

  • Despite no huge change, are you liking the new update?

  • Andy Tang

    picture taking is a bit blueish, isnt it ? Anyway to tune the colors ?

  • SRNAllegra

    As far as I’m aware, unfortunately not though I could be wrong.

  • J P

    what about the hanging problems after update?
    please tell me friends…….

  • milan

    After updating it does not notified me, when the battery is full….plz fix it….

  • anonymousssss

    i read it’s due to the blueish white balance of the phone!! this sucks!!! :'(

  • Jet

    mine is nothing change after update why will it be like this?

  • Hiru

    Please make the M able to move application to SD card. Is only 2GB and so many unused application are not able to uninstall!

  • I’m not sure if any Android phone supports applications running off of an SD card.