Destiny – Human Male Character Builder (video)

When the Destiny Alpha was announced, we were lucky enough to get into the public release and play along for a few nights. While not nearly enough time was given to form a proper opinion on the game and nor was the true scale of the massive universe built by Bungie shown, the Alpha left us wanting more. And I mean a lot more. Fluid visuals, beautiful and extensive maps, and more importantly than any of those, a game that was easy to pick up and fun.

To wet your appetite a bit more for Destiny, we’ve put together a video walkthrough from the human male character builder. The captured footage is directly from the PS4 and the Alpha build. As the name suggests, this is an Alpha and anything is subject to change. With that, I hope this gives you a little glimpse of all the wonderful character builder options. In followup posts, we’ll also cover the Awoken and the Exo race.

Destiny Alpha Character Builder Links:

  • Human Male
  • Human Female
  • Awoken Male
  • Awoken Female
  • Exo Male
  • Exo Female

Destiny will be released on September 9th alongside the Destiny PS4 bundle with exclusive content.


Do you like the human male character builder options offered?