2014 Sony 4K Television Prices Leaked for XBR-65X950B, and 85X950B (Best)


If you’re looking for something a bit more top of the line in the 4K world then fear not. While Sony will likely see their biggest growth come from their entry (X850B series) and mid-range (X900B series) 4K televisions, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to draw in the big spenders. To that end exists the XBR-X950B series which comes in a more standard 65-inch and a eye melting 85-inch variants. Packing in all that the X900B series has to offer, the X950B series drops the wedge design and Magnetic Fluid speakers that come with it for a more streamlined look, sure to sit flush and command attention on any wall. So what makes the X950B series command the “best” tagline?

Unlike the X900B which offers edge dimming, the X950B series packs in local dimming, ensuring the brightest of colors and the darkest of blacks. Sony is also utilizing its X-tended Dynamic Range Pro engine, giving it what the company believes is a 300% better results when compared to their mid-range fleet. So what’s it going to cost you? We reveal that and more, after the jump.

Additional specs for the X950B series includes:

  • 4K
  • Triluminos
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • X-tended Dynamic Range Pro
  • Local dimming (backlit LED)
  • Long Duct speaker
  • Quick start (2 seconds start-up)
  • Motionflow 960 / 800
  • HDMI 2.0
  • HEVC
  • Sony Entertainment Network with TV apps
  • WiFi
  • One-flick remote

As we noted, the series comes in two sizes which are priced at:

  • 65 Sony XBR-65X950B – $7999.99
  • 85 Sony XBR-85X950B – $24,999.99

Along side made of the advancements we noted, Sony’s entire 2014 fleet of televisions also include Quick Start technology, allowing the sets to be turned on in under 2 seconds. The X950B will be available this spring along side the X900B and X850B series of 4K televisions.


Do you still think there is a market for such high end televisions?

  • Jshdajhd Sdjhskadhqw

    WHAT?!?!? $8K? They are CRAZY! Totally CRAZY! Projector, here I go!

  • Are there 4K projectors for under the $8k price tag?

  • Jshdajhd Sdjhskadhqw


  • :)

  • Johnson

    they’ll have a blow-out sale and it will be 1/3 the price in a few months, i can wait.

  • This Guy

    You’re not getting anything like this out of a projector. No way.

  • Certainly not under $8k. High-end 4K projectors, I think more likely though those are more near $40k?